So this blog is gonna be bout dead beat ass dads if u are not a deadbeat dad it don’t pertain to you. I was speaking to a cpl ppl off and on lately my girls my coworkers and shooting the shit about child support and the things that pertain to our children and I kept hearing how these daddies were not coming round cause the mom had em on child support and how they pay the cash why should I get the child and a whole bunch of other crazy shit. Some hadn’t seen or heard from their kids fathers because they quit a job, moved outta town, got married or just disappeared from the face of the earth. Im so tired of hearing my ladies have to struggle and ill admit I have 2 babies and they are barely getting the attention they deserve from there “fathers” but mommy makes it do what it do…cause they mine. I speak loud and clear for my kids because I have no choice they bore from me they have been the best thing that ever happen to me. These lil angels probably saved me from running the streets and acting a fool. I eat sleep dream of them one day growing up to be good people.
These lying ass whorish ass nukkas that claim they take care of all there children and boast and brag but leave one lil baby out cause he made a “mistake” and the result was a happy handsome and healthy lil man…smh. God have mercy on you for cheating this lil dude out of a father cause of ya selfish ass arrogant heart….that’s my lil nukka tho…im proud that momma is doing the damn thing and u missing out. Im so fucking pissed yall for real… we as women grin grunt and take all the abuse cause we single mothers, not married, busting our ass to keep lights gas telephone and clothes on our kids backs and some of these bitch ass nukkas we choose just sit around doing nothing but playing video game chasing these hood rats and poppin bottles when they know they can be payin a co-pay on a dr’s visit…taking lil man or girl to the zoo, watching a movie and bonding with there kid…ladies we have to make better choices in the men we date…stop wanting a baby with a nukkas cause he fuk us right cause in the end we get fukd and left with the result. Stop letting these muthafuggas get off cause u don’t want the “white man” (CSP) in ya business…it’s not about you it’s about the best thing for the kid. We are always trying to protect the ones who doing us wrong. Im venting because im sick and tired of dead beat ass ppl…and for the chicks messin with a man who cant even provide for there own blood wake up hun and makes sure u gotta condom ready cause u cud be walking in the same shoes…don’t have a baby by a dude who has 2-3 that he ain’t taking care of now and he cant have a job cause he would be getting garnishes like a mug.
To all my dudes being a stand up men and doing right by ya kids to the best of ya ability I applaud you..U are the minority there are not a lot of you and that’s just the these other lames on how is done…FYI providing only for a select few of ya kids is still being a deadbeat…the blood work don’t lie….alright im done whomever don’t like what I said …so the fuk what delete me then….i don’t care im speaking out for all who are tired of being mommy and daddy…


Reggie said…
I don't agree Budda and while I realize our realities are a little different, I can't help but think that there are more brothers out there doing the right thing than not. Not that all of us are married with children; but there are a host of brothers out there that are totally committed to their children. I've made my share of money, had mortgages on two homes, been married for more than 20 years now and I'm degreed; but the single most important thing that I've ever done is be someone's father.

Tomorrow my son will turn 20 and at the end of next month he'll be a sophomore in college; and sometime over the next couple of days he and my daughter, a freshman will come home. I have looked forward to this time for a long time. They're seldom home together and you can bet your bottom dollar that at some time this week the three of us will go out somewhere and have a quiet dinner together, just the three of us. I always look forward to times like that and I can't imagine why other men wouldn't feel the same way. Our children are what we leave to this world when we leave it permanently.

I understand the frustrations of you and your friends.........and many of mine as well. But I also hear the laughter and pride that many of my friends have in relishing the time that they have with their own children. There are plenty of GOOD men out there Angie, plenty.
i agree that there are elas doing right but in this situation this dude is is blatantly dogging the female and i have an issue with women who "stand by their lover" he is noones man...running round having kids and claiming to financially care for them when he doesnt. in my case my father wasnt around my entire life and when i reached out he snapped at me and i chose to leave him to his own miserable life. my kids will not endure what i did, my only request is that if ya cant help with money spend time with em. My boyfriend who has 0 kids is abetter father to my kids than their own dads which is a dang on shame to me. you kno i never bash the brothers.
And Reggie u are an example of waht a man should stand up and do TAKE CARE OF YOUR REPSONSIBILITIES!!!
Reggie said…
When I hear stories like this Angie I don't mind telling you that I'm troubled. For the life of me I don't understand people like this.

I would have liked a better relationship with my own father.....who was there everyday. But I think of that everyday when I interact with my own children. It's important to me to be there for them, because that's the right thing to do. My children don't get everything they want and they never have, but they get everything that they need.

My two crumbsnatchers are 18 and my son turned 20 this past Monday and I still look forward to making lifelong memories with them, like I did when they were just little people.

Show your children the love that your father didn't show you, learn from his mistake and pass that love on.

I don't mind telling you that as grown as I am, I can't hardly think of either one of my children without a tear coming to my eye.

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