Basic Bytches

Basic bytches are those with one track minds thinks that the world revolves around them and no one else feeling are important unless it affects the "basic bitch". These are the ones who say "I'm too polished to do this or that" but ya stank ass live in the hood doing basic stuff and hanging with basic motherfucking nukkas. They claim to have it all together but in reality they blowing money to keep up with everybody else and digging in their parents pockets. These are also the ones who believe every word that comes out a nukka mouth that "compliments" them. Basic bitch they trying to get the cookie...cover up and watch them look past u not at you. I'm not ever trying to downgrade my sistas but I have had it up to here with these basic broads. You make some of us wanna put a foot to ass. Make me wanna tell u what's really real. I offer three words of advice for u lost souls
1.Get a grip you are not that important
2. Don't say the wrong thing to the right person who will clue ya dumb saddity ass back to reality wit no hesitation
3. There is no way you can go through life with ya head up ya ass and wonder why u haven't found the right one when ur selfish with how u give yourself...give to get sacrifice compromise and respect peoples feelings.
 Just a lil of what swimming in my mind right now...I have to let y'all have it sometimes. Please speak ya mind on the basic bytch movement you have encountered. Lol I'm trippin.


ABoyd378 said…
Nah!! Not trippin' at all. Just speaking on what you see.

Truth be told, I have SEVERAL Family Members that are this way, and I keep my distance from them.

Great read!!
Da_Kween said…
I'm with you on this. Chicks are really some kinda funny giving ALL the wrong things priority and considering themselves "bad bitches" and such.

Nothing selfish can gain a thing...not even self respect. I see more and more how so very little is required to get would should be invaluable. Loving that you're around to put em in line. That's what true sisterhood is about.
Drew: I experienced something this weekend that sent me over the edge and I just let it flow...some ppl dnt even get it they need to be brought back to earth they can call me a hater or whatever they want but I don't care I hate these kinda broads.
Kween: I went to prayer sis I had too I was fixed and ready to drop some knowledge then drop the basic bitch but I didn't *in hindsight* I wish I let the old Angie loose and whooped dat ass. When will they learn? Attitude is everything.
GIRL!!! I see they over there too. They are all up with the trends but ain't got no ends..LOL And then walk around like no one knows they struggling like hell to keep up with the times. BIOTCH sit down!!! Don't even get me started!!! LOL
Lol exactly my point BE dnt pretend u something ur not I wud rather be an average chick with high hopes with a handle on my priorities than a basic morally broke bitch...
seems like this is the time of year they rear their heads
well dayummmm!!!! i see alil someone had ta blow some steam.thats aight now. i feel ya and i have ta agree,these are the very ones who have their priorities screwed up...

#that is all
Girl i just cant stand these biotches

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