….as I touched down at LAX nothing but excitement flowed though my body. The Dereons dress I bought and changed into on the airplane bathroom was flowing right with the mood I was in. I was here to see my man and drown him with my love for the weekend. As I walked to the gate I could see my Louie Votton Don patiently waiting for me. But u know how us women are gotta be all the way right so I dipped in the restroom just to give myself one last once over just in case that airplane bathroom did me no justice.. I must say I was looking delicious. I continue on my way to meet my honey and when I saw that million dollar smile I just melted…lyke budda. We embraced I felt a charge go through my whole body… and them lips oh my, those lips was calling me and I answered. It’s pure magic indeed.
He grabbed my bags and my hand as we started walking towards the parking garage. I could feel something inside of me start to rise up and take control of me. It was my alter-ego Lexus coming out to veer her head and she liked what she see’s. I’ve been keeping her tucked away to prove I can be faithful cause that girl got issues. We approached the car and I entered the truck while he was putting my bags in back. I anticipated him getting in and me ravaging him with no question. Just then Lykebudda chimes in “girl wait till we get him home” and Lexus backfires “bitch lets live a little, we gotta make this memorable” sooo, Lexus being the aggressive chic wins hand down to the hesitant Budda.
As he enters the driver’s seat he leans over to give me a kiss this time long deep and sensual, rubbing my exposed thighs… I pull back because I know what’s bout to go down but he pulls me in for another deep one which sets a off a loud moan from me and a snicker from him. I slowly slip off my four inch stilettos so I can get a better angle and slide my hand over his pulsating erect dick. I’m jackin him off through his jeans. I am so into getting him off im not realizing he is playing with my pussy its like i blacked out. I tell him to push his seat back not caring if anyone drives past seeing what we are doing I’m gone get this nut off. I release his fully erect dick from his pants and start sucking and licking him slowly stroking him with my hand and teasing the dick with my tongue at the same time. I at least wanna get that first nut off before we get to the house so I know I have a full night to make love to him. He is holding my hair and guiding me up and down pumping my mouth, getting some deep throat action. I hear his breathing get a little more labored and the moans growing louder so I know im doing something right and just as I thought he delivered his load not making a mess because it’s all going down my throat. I grab a wet wipe out my makeup bag and some mouthwash and fix myself up, with a smirk going across my face. He doesn’t say much I guess because he wasn’t expecting all of that but when Lexus rears her head things get outta control.
Im like a freaky Sybil I have Lexus –freaky down for whatever chick, Passion- the submissive one, and Star- the porn star will let u do whatever just for kicks (rarely seen lately) those are the moods I have encountered through my sexual externship…I have yet to find the one who can “put it on me”. now this is me and my boos first encounter that’s maybe why Lexus felt necessary to come out so aggressive and for a man who always got something to say he is hella quiet for the first ten minutes as we are trying to get out the airport terminal. Then he turns and says. “So fat face u thinks u done something?” I replied, “No u haven’t seen the half of it that was a sample”. Laughing silently to myself, because I know at that point he is thinking if the head game is that good the pussy gotta taste and feel bout the same… I don’t brag on my pussy but I know it’s got my windows busted out and tires flattened. Just think that was just a booty call that had a woman already…go figure, he fixed my shit tho. So I’m in need of a Pepsi after all that “work” I just put in. he pulls up to the gas station to go grab me a drink just then my phone rings it’s my sis making sure I got there okay and to see how thing went. I told her the skinny and as usual she tells me to do my thing and enjoy my self which I am definitely gonna do. As he walks to the car I am imagining me perching myself on top of him riding that big juicy fat dick all night… but I don’t want him to think its all about the sex so I try to push Lexus aside for later.
His plan was a candle light dinner after I took a nap. It crossed my mind to turn over and jump his bones but it’s so soft in his arms, he was gently rubbing me it sent me right to dreamland. I awaken to him telling me it was time to get ready for our dinner date. I lazily got up to take a shower and when I came out he had a black strapless Gucci dress and the stilettos’ and accessories to match…yes my baby knows what I like. We step out to this five star restaurant looking like new money… we sat ate chatted and laughed the night away. After dinner I wanted to take a walk along the beach and just absorb the fresh air (way better than Cleveland I might add) we sat along the beach side just holding each other. He is caressing those sensitive parts of me and I love it. He lays me back and starts kissing my thighs down to my feet raising my leg up so he can catch a peek of that newly shaven pussy that’s craving him… he ask me am I ready and I am. I give him the go ahead and he starts devouring the pussy like a hungry animal im not complaining tho… his head game is phenomenal I’m backing up on the chair cause its so good “why do we run from it” lol

He decides he want more leverage and carries me to the car laying me across the front seat. All u hear is the water crashing and my soft moans in the air. I’m hungry for the dick now put ill let him stay in control and just enjoy him. His tongue against my clit and the sucking sounds are driving me crazy. I was cumming so hard if he didn’t move I might have snapped his neck with my thighs… I was impressed by the strength it took to keep my legs open. “U like that baby” he said, I replied do you have to ask as I softly massage my clit while he removed his jeans. “U keeping it wet for me ma” he asked, I reply oh hell yeah as I insert 2 fingers in my awaiting pussy signaling for him to come get this shit. As he enters me I feel the budda gush out around his dick lubricating his dick for maximum pleasure. He is stroking me teasingly slow then deep then slow… he knows that I want him to beat this pussy up but he hesitates. I start pumping back on his dick as he whispers look at me, which makes me wetter than ever. I guess I could see straight to his heart at this point. Time for us to trade places… I gently push him back to taste my love dripping off his dick, looking him straight on his eyes while my tongue went to work. It’s time for us to get home so we straightened up and got a move on it. As we pull up at the house he noticed his mom and brothers cars in the driveway. This Friday was usually the day his fam usually stopped over to aggravate him…. (His words) so it was impossible for me to get out the car this way. I went to work with the wet wipes and adjusted my makeup and hair for my first meeting with his mother. We knew we had to finish the session so we were gonna just bear with them for the time being. Moms had already cooked up a lil something and we had worked up an appetite. After exchanging greeting and a glass of wine, I excused myself to o change into something more comfortable. Thank god for Victoria Secrets Pink line… I put on some sweats and a nice shirt. On my way out his bedroom I saw him signaling me to come in the guestroom down the hall. When I walk in he gives me the deepest kiss ever almost cause my knees to buckle. He tugging at the strings on my pants and turns me around to the wall. As my pants drop he starts eating my pussy from the back. It takes every thing in me not to make a noise. He pulls down his pants and enters me massaging my now harden nipples as he strokes me from the back… this is my favorite position so im creaming all over my man's dick. I tell him to fuck me harder and he obliges grabbing my waist ramming that big dick in me. Im in ecstasy and I know the family downstairs are wondering what the noise he places his hand over my mouth to muffle the sounds. He slows down knowing that he has made me come 2-or 3 times already, but im not done I pump him back making sure he hits every wall. We walk over to the bed and I lay on my side so he can look at his fat wet juicy buddery pussy while he is hitting it. He loves the sound it makes we he hits it and I can feel him trying to maintain his cool and not bust a nut. He can’t take it no more he ask me where I want it I tell him where he wanna put it. He let out one of the loudest sounds when he comes all over my face and down my throat. We hear a sound outside the door and we know we have been found out. Luckily he installed a bathroom off the guestroom so we cleaned up in there and adjusted our faces. I looked at my watch we had been going at it for at least 45 minutes… someone noticed for sure…. To be continued*

We smile as we exit the guest room adjusting our clothing. Know wing when the family leaves its just us. I guess his mom caught wind of us missing for a cpl minutes and saw the glow on my face as a sauntered my panty- less behind down on the couch…I hope u remembered to remove the from your pocket. We finished up dinner and had a couple cocktails before the family left. I decided to wash the dishes as u straightened up around the house. I felt ur presence behind me as u leaned against the wall watching me. I have never felt so much passion for anyone and im sensing u wanna go at it again. As u press against my ass I feel every inch of you pulsating and it turns me on. U put me on top of the island and pulls my jogging pants off I lay back knowing you are going to give ne the tongue lashing of my life and im ready for it. Ur tongue is like machines as u go to work on me making my whole body tremble. U found that spot and as u lick and flick and blow on it im losing my mind and cumming all over Ur face… I am so loud Im quite sure the neighbor’s can hear us going at it. But you’re not done we on some R. Kelly shit… sex in the kitchen and all. You bend me over the stove and start fuckin me from the back I love getting it hit from the back and love when u talk dirty to me, smacking my ass so hard there’s gotta be a bruise but I can take it. U stroke it slow watching that big fat dick go in and out of my pussy with such ease because it’s so wet. As u start to reach your climax I start throwing the pussy back at you letting you know how much im loving this dick… where do I want it? All over this ass and u follow through letting out such a powerful sound it makes my pussy cream with success. We lay on the kitchen floor trying to catch out breath the doorbell rings…

Its Ur neighbor Jesus (hey-sus) im half naked in the kitchen going up the back stairs to go get cleaned up… u give me the eye not to get dressed. So I just go freshen up and use the restroom. I lay across the bed and the jet lag catches up with me as I drift off to sleep. Yeah im down for the count and u win this round. I awake to u stroking my face it’s been bout 3hrs since I been sleep. U have something special planned for tomorrow so I get up and take a shower and return to bed. Your arms wrapped round me is the perfect sedative for me to go back to sleep… the warmness, the soft touch of ya hands as u rub my shoulders, oh how soft kisses u place all over my neck and back…….no wonder why I’m so in love. I awake to you pulling back the curtains shining the sun in my eyes. The smell of eggs and pancakes are in the air…u place the tray in front of me and tell me the tub is awaiting me after im done with breakfast so we can get our day started.

As I step into the strapless sundress I know u love so much because its shows my nice shoulders and my sexy tattoo. You hand me a box I ask what’s this? U say open it…. To my surprise it’s a chain just like yours with a B as a medallion the inscription on the back says “to my number one Angie I love you” I cant wait to put it on as I place the deepest kiss upon your lips… u whisper wait I have another surprise for you but we gotta go to it. We drive out to an outlet with Gucci, LV, Victoria Secret, Bebe, and other various stores. We walk into a jewelry store that u frequently purchase all the chains that Tystick has threatened to snatch… I walk over by the tennis bracelets and walk around browsing. U call me over and ask for my hand to my amazement I receive the ring u and I talked about when we first start dating. A 2 karat pink marquise diamond ring set in a platinum band just the way I asked for it. Tears are streaming down my face as u drop to one knee and say u have been the sunshine in my life the one who makes my heart melt I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it will u marry me and deal with my swagga crazy ass for life? Through my tears I whisper “yes” as u wipe the tears from my eyes and take me in ya arms. I don’t notice there is a small crowd gathered clapping because im lost in ya arms in the moment. Right now nothing can go wrong or mess up this trip to see you. EXCEPT…


Reggie said…
Nice and steamy Budda!!!

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