This being my first blog here thought i'd throw some random thoughts out there. As i go through this life i'm thankful for everything thankful for all that has been placed in my path. I don't hold any ill will to no one who has crossed me i feel sorry they cant be included in my life right now. in the last year a lot has taken place some good some bad some i just wish never ever happened. that sounds like i'm contradicting myself but its not. i simply had a etch-a-sketch year. Had a tough time with my son adjusting to his ADHD meds...yeah he has a mild case which is treated with meds. my financial situation was shaky due to the lack of support from the other parental halfs but i made it in one piece. A broken relationship/heart and new relationship that lacked a spark. i only think i'm going through these things cause i'm being taught to go for what i need not what i want. Don't need the flossy, internet hoe chasing, perped out, male who definitely didn't kno he wasn't dealing with an amateur but learned quickly that he wasnt gonna get far with the lies. These nukkas really think they are slick. i had chicks IM tellin me things about him. Tellin me he was cammin and kickin it with em, mind u i live in a different state so the ldr clause was in order u dnt gotta lie to kick it do u but when im around keep it out my reach and definitely don't let the person reach out to me. hater or not she felt she had rights...so whatever. this year started off with my Grandmother passin on new years eve that brought me back in focus cause i was wilding out...first time i lost some one so close to me. I decided to leave the "playa" alone get my life in order spend more time with my friends and family and just live. i met a guy 8yrs younger than me and he treats me like royalty, he needs a lil tweekin but hey least i kno where his priorities are. I guess this isn't the life that i was looking forward to but i wont complain im in a stable place right now and i couldnt ask for any better. I'm sure ill have more to blog about soon. im sittin at my desk as we speak just brainstorming my next move...until then be well.


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