U keep escaping me
U run and hide, behind pride
Behind disrespect, behind lies
I soak u in
I store you for that day
When the man who is willing to receive it comes my way
So much to give
So much to share
It’s like a cold breeze
In the hot summer air
The teardrop of joy
That wells in your eyes
Streams down your cheek and keeps passing me by
At the sound of this thing
Your heart pitter-patters
Like Lauren Hill sings
“Nothing even matters”
When your are alone and start to zone
U thinks of this flighty, insecure thing
that always out of your grasp…
Just when you think u got it
U start to ask
“Is this really real?”
I don’t know but I just feel
Out of touch with this thing called “LOVE”
I’m at a standstill
As I *sigh and shrug*



Reggie said…
Good stuff Budda.......good stuff!!!

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