Goodbye to yesterday
Goodbye to the past
Goodbye to the memories
We call them that because they didn’t last
Goodbye to the hard feelings
Goodbye to the regrets
Trying to find the right one
Not my time
No not yet
Goodbye to keeping my feelings inside
There’s so much live for me to give
Why hold it in
Goodbye to undeserving folks
My time my convo
Is gonna cost ya
Hope my keeping it real…
Is not a turn off for ya
Goodbye to apologizing for my confidence and swagga
This is me u don’t even matter
It’s a learned trait
If u got it flaunt it y wait
Goodbye is a word that is final for me
So here’s to my last goodbye
It’s a wrap
U have absorbed enough of me
All rights reserved


Reggie said…
Don't say goodbye Budda!!!

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