stressed out

i just had to drop a cpl lines on this thing called stress... i kno so many ppl are going through so many things and stressing out because they have few ppl places and things to turn to. I have been one of those ppl stressed out but life goes on i never put my issues out there for pity or a pat on the back i always have felt struggling is the way of life i just hate to see good ppl go through things while these ppl who don't deserve the best have it all. i want a new car a better house a better life all together but hey this is what has been dealt to us. imma need y'all to stop holding that stuff in when it gets bad. talk to someone and try different remedies for ya stress. walk sing write anything but hold it in. a nervous breakdown is in ya future if u do. i must admit me getting into trouble at work was a result of my stress outside the workplace. but seeing that i am a valued employee they gave me resources to help me get some that stress diverted elsewhere. i frigging love this anger management thing i have to attend it has opened my eyes to a lot of issues i have been holding back. I'm a struggling single working mom.. i struggling to raise my kids basically alone cause the fathers are barely involved in the day to day things i HAVE to do. they don't wake up, cry with em hurt with them sacrifice for them i do..I'm not mad i have to do these things they are my heart and will be m strength for all my days here on earth. But those kinds of issues get heavy at times. Motherhood, Fatherhood and all the other hats folks have to wear contribute to stress. I may not drive the nicest car, have the best house but i do have God and humbleness on my side. no i can't be Miss Fly diva all the time but i can be someone who is trying to do her best with what she has. I'm sharing my thought and concerns for the day cause that's what helps me. letting you know u ain't the only one going through something. Ridicule me, talk crap about me lol at me but are u honest with yourself and others?...think about it.


Reggie said…
You're a strong woman Budda!!!

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