When u just let us move away
When u didn’t beg her to stay
When u didn’t show our concern
When u just moved on without a word
When u allowed the world to raise your seeds
When u let the streets take control of their mommy
When u created more
And continued to do less
When all my life i've had this emptiness
When confronted with plead and concerns
When the words fell on deaf ears unheard
When you left two young ladies lost
When u do, and says things that cause
Tears and desperation
No hope for decent relations
When the biological father doesn’t bother
It leaves a girl lost
Mind wanders
What if
What could be?
What wudda been
Why wasn’t he there
Why should I care?
Im a grown ass woman now…
But I still wish I had a father
I wish he was there.


Reggie said…
I've never understood fathers like this Angie, I guess I'm not supposed to either. I could never imagine knowing that my child is growing up somewhere and I won't get to see and interact with them on a daily basis......that I won't be a guiding force in their lives.

Being a father is the single most important thing that I've done in my life. Both of my children have moved on to college and I miss them both tremendously. I'm sure that they get tired of seeing all my texts and hearing all of my voicemails. I've been so used to encouraging them and talking to them daily......it's been hard for me to just step back and let them be young adults.

I like fucking just as much as the next man, but with that....and the result thereof, comes great responsibility. A responsibility that I have willingly embraced for the last two decades.
this was written almost 3 years ago and nothing has changed Reggie...very sad situation but oh well

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