i waited on him to be

i waited on him to see me

to let me be

the lady in his life

his someone to love

his ying to his yang

his dope beat over a hot track

but no I'm not ready yet

never will i regret the time we shared

i loved it nothing could compare

passion heartache even love we shared

in my moment of clarity

you stood as strong as Adonis

the future is upon us

i will let the ship slowly float away

for his love i don't posses anyway

forgotten love

forgotten moments

real love

reality bites

but still my soul cries cause ur face i still see

ya smile bright

ya body right

i leave those feelings in the past

i waited

my time has passed.



Reggie said…
This is hardcore Budda. I can't help but think that you put so much of yourself in your work. It's as if you're opening up your soul everytime you write.
Da_Kween said…
I love this mama...it's like this is MY heart speaking. You're gonna make me cry.
Ms Plume said…
wonderful wordage...

i gave you the scrap award for impressive blogging. go to my blog and see :)
its crazy im going back reading blogs and just noticed you gave me an award however i cant view your blog...thank you for reading my work.

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