Furious Freestyle

been meditating
adding and subtracting
pros and cons
turn offs and ons
criticism and carelessness
ive been keeping my words
i kno i can be reckless
never selfish
making a sob story is useless
there is proof to this
ill never dismiss what's in my face
yeah im not gonna walk away
im not gonna be afraid to say
the words i need to say
but they fall on deaf ears
fixed deck
fixed game
in unknown territory
this aint the right place for me
lust is a no-no
try to adore me
try to compromise
not belittle
cause your truth aint my truth
this stuff is home grown
not made up in a studio
fed to the artist in the booth
freestyling cause i kno that the root
of my anger is hidden
title of of a hard bitch is what ive been driven
ok imma accepted my crown
and speak my mind with no permission given.
~ Lykebudda2009~


thanks Joy Joy i appreciate it
Reggie said…
Spit it Budda!!!

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