Spare me your gossip

Why is it that people do things behind closed doors and it comes out they wanna blame u cause they are being exposed? Two things i believe in being true to myself and never assuming everyone is my friend. I have been on many websites and had minor run-ins with folks cause I don't really get into their web of drama. I keep to myself, say what i want, and give credit where its due. After yahoo360 went down i decided to seek out those who had Lil drama surrounding their pages. Why cause the folks who i thought were okay wasn't. Holy rollers turned into interstate whores and alleged lier's and deceivers turned out to have the biggest hearts in the world. Ive been told by folks friends that they were perped out (faking the funk) and were 400lbs sitting on they ass in front of a PC all day unemployed...*what kinda friend are you* I have never betrayed their trust or lies. I just let the truth surface and low and behold it comes out, your the sorry broad chasing love and happiness lol.

Social networks turn into high school musical land when people don't grow up and keep it real. I have been a part of Ning and Facebook and Myspace and learned many things like info...don't give info u don't want to be repeated. Don't say or mention things without facts to back em up. don't act like u are what u are not. I've been told i keep shit too real. If I'm hurting i share, if I'm happy i share, if I'm struggling i share but that's what my followers know of me. If people wanna take it to another level and try to make me out to be a fake it will never happen Im 100 ask about me. My followers know i speak of a struggle everyone is having as far as womanhood, motherhood, and just trying to be a good person in this world. I never made myself appear to be better than anyone. I love me and every freckle ever roadblock and every struggle i have overcame and will soon overcome.So i ask my true blue people why do we let people with such petty thoughts and ideas enter our world? I dunno but i hope they will find peace in their lives real soon. Messing with this champion will never work. and i quote my girl Monica "I'm still Standing"(video wont load) marinate on that. Here's and old school Reggae song...Chat to mi back by Lady Saw this is wht i think yall naysayers can do chat behind my back hahaha.


Reggie said…
I miss 360, I really do.

I take people for what they are........or say they are. One of the things that I figured out about the Internet a while back is that people are oft times completely full of shit.

I tell people the things that I don't mind them knowing about me. I must admit that I wasn't smart enough to come up with a different persona....or even a different name. I've been called Reggie ever since I could remember, so that's what I call myself.

One things for sure though Angie. If you don't want to be disappointed by people, don't expect much.

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