getting it off my chest... lost ones

Lost a longtime friend this year me and this friend to me were like sisters'/play cousin even referred to each other as such. loved her like my sister cried when she was going through things prayed for her when it was raining in her world and praised her skills and accomplishments over the years and even sent a few ppl seeking "the best" to her. As of april 20th of 09 our sisterhood dissapated not cause of any of her direct doing it was someone else. someone in which i kno is way more important in her life than lil ol me....see i dont like to cause drama...tear folks apart ya see i pray for those who do wrong against me and distance my self away for my own preservation. i love this person but i cannot go against God. When i was in my situation i didnt dial no random number i didnt ask for advice i called upon my god and ask what do you want me to do? i listened and started on my way. im not a person to consult ppl in the same circle and dog folks and make them out to be a bad person. in time all fakeness, lies and downright disrespect will be revealed...i am the truth ask anyone. i dont speak bad about folks behind their back i will say what i have to say to your face...thats what i come from. even when sources not involved came and told me what was said i STILL continued where i was being led. I can care less what is going on when its not being directly spoken to me. Lord knows im struggling and will contnue to struggle until God says its my turn again....but i will stay true to Angela yes this is Angela speaking not that alter ego yall used to. a convo with a person who i only kno through mutual friend (which means i dont know them) dropped something in my ear that they name is not unusual but my pen name is...advice to all concerned let it go and move on all great things must come to an end including friendships. its life and im good.


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