1019pm on NYE and im writing my blog. Why am i not on the town? well its because my lil girl came home from her paternal grandma's house not feeling well. My dude decided he was still going out and i decided to spend the evening with my babies. first i was like ticked cause i wanted to be poppin bottles but i kno this is where its at. going forward into 2010 i have alot of big decisions that need to be made. i have to decrease my hours at work, increase my education and go to nursing school, and leave what is stressing me behind. these are not resolutions for me, those are Solutions to my many wants and needs. one day i will be on the level that i want to be and all the naysayers can and will kiss my ass. everything that i have been going through wont even matter it will be part of my process of claiming my queendom. anyone who is going through something right just know like i do your breakthrough is coming. all we have to do is hold on and be faithful. i hope everyone has a great New Year and make 2010 better than all the rest. peace and blessings ppl.


Da_Kween said…
Indeed, Budda...all the strain and pain will be all for the toughening. So, when the true blessings come...you will be the happiest...because the only way to experience ABSOLUTE joy is to have known equal pain. Without it, we know not what joy is. Happy New Year, sis. You're blessed and I pray you remain!
thanks Kali i took alot of time to myself and put things in perspective and ya kno stopped complaining bout what i dont have and being grateful for all the blessings big or small and let that be my stepping stone to m success....i feel so blessed right now. thanks for gracing my blog hun

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