plenty things i plan on giving up

never seem to go quite that way

i have the world on my shoulders

still i worry bout others being safe

when will i let sleeping dog die

when will i let funny acting fam and friends

get my ugly side

when things are bad and i need a hand

i see none in sight

yall folks aint right

ive given my last and without thinking of a payback

ive lent my home and what evers in it

just so someone cud have shelter from the cold

the dark world, cause my financial permitted it

when a sister is down on her luck

i never look to the side i always look up

cause yall funny acting mf

gonna make me light some isht up

im done with my past

im moving on to the future

dont be surprised if ya presence

is no longer needed

ive given up i feel ive been cheated

outta finding the people who want my well being

if u feel left out

well u now you kno how im feelin



Reggie said…
Very nice Budda!!!

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