Whatchu kno about a woman's worth?

What do u really know about a woman’s worth? Did you know we were not put here to serve you crazy ass men? Did you know without us u wouldn’t and couldn’t be here? Did you know we are special I mean very special?
What do you know? We are some emotional creatures. We love hard fight hard we nag we work we play we do it all. There are just so many things people (men) don’t appreciate until its put in there face. How do you show your woman how much she means to you? How bout moms grams or aunties? We need that extra boost from the men in our life. Yeah im one of those independent chicks to but when it comes down to it sistas we need our man. I care less how many of yall agree with me. Yea we gotta be the protector, provider and principle person in our kids’ lives. But that lil extra help from the dad is a help to me. They can fill in the blanks with my son where I cannot. They can teach my daughter that all men are not dogs and u should be shown respect just for the title WoMan.
I know my worth out here I need no confirmation. I am a beautiful, outspoken, educated and employed female who leads with her brain and no longer her heart. I bitch I moan I smile I sing I cry. I am a complicated chic worth anyone’s respect love and attention.
We sometimes lose focus on this thing called love because it has escapes us… taunts us, evades us. One thing I know is that one day we all get tired of this merry-go- round called love and we just settled for anything. That is the past for me. My man has to love me unconditionally even when im going off and being unreasonable if its true love u will fight tooth and nail to the last breath for what u want. U will compromise u will be there emotionally physically and monetarily if need be and vice-versa.
A woman is not a created to be toyed with we can make or break you. We sometimes stick together, sometimes (speaking 2 u home wreckers) lmao. We encourage each other and we are the biggest critics of another woman right but who are we to judge? I can actually care less how u conduct yourself long as your not dragging me into your bullshit. I demand respect but you can’t get it if you’re not respecting yourself real talk. Just wanted to blog and let you folks know im feeling my worth I just hope those who did read the whole blog know if you don’t know now ya do… add in what ya feel im out….


Reggie said…
You women are far more interesting than us men......that's for sure.
i dunno after steve harvey leaked "man secrets" in his book i think u guys have an interesting mind lol
budda honey i cant even begin to express how much im diggin this right now...i am currently dealin with a BREAK-UP AGAIN(funny thing is its with the same person each time)we break up to make up and i must admit..this is CRAZY ish. but,im growin more and more tired of the BACK AND FORTH. what once took away my appetite...makes me eat. what once kept me awake...makes me sleep. what once took away my breath...makes me breathe better. what once made me hurt...feels great. and YES!!! what once made my tears fall...keeps em from fallin. YES!!! im learnin my WOMANLY WORTH !!! IM GETTIN BETTER. and yes im a difficult women as well this i know fo sho(sometimes i feel no ones gonna stay with me) but, imma keep the FAITH!!!

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