Opened my heart

Things have been very trying for me lately. i think i have given up on that thing that used to make me smile. I've been frowning more than smiling. It doesn't help that it has changed. It doesn't help that the romance has faded. There is less "quality time" spent. Phone calls are short convos are strained. I opened my heart despite what the last one did. I opened my heart to let love come back in and now I'm ready to close it back up to protect me. I don't believe in staying together for the kids or for "financial reasons" nothing is going to get better when two ppl are constantly bumping heads and not feeling each other. Opening my heart came with some stipulations. No lies nothing but trust and never be deceptive...I'm seeing some things that i don't like and wont stand for so i know when i address them its going to be an issue.I'm not one of these ladies that desires much i just want to be loved and respected. i get all that but when i feel something ain't right (women's intuition) i tackle it head on with no reservation. A closed mouth don't get fed or given the truth so i plan on giving alot of thought to everything I'm about to say. thinking and blogging out loud. Blame Steve Harvey book for granting me some warning signs.


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