Seems like Sunday is the day that my thoughts, get overwhelmed in my head and started crowding my mental and I have to let it out. Those who have known me for a while know I keep it real. Realistic u might say. This week and a half as been an eye-opener and I really done regret it. Me and the boo parted ways…it just wasn’t working and we both knew to was time to be done with it. I have some regrets but they are more so my guilt that my kids are very much involved. I’m not one to have my kids around who I am dating but in this year (2009) things I usually don’t do just happened to be done. 2010 has been a year of letting go and letting things happen naturally and to stop trying to piece together things that don’t fit. That means relationships’ friendships’ or commitments to anything. I’ve learned my lesson folks, my BMF always is telling me to stop chasing love and let it come to you. He is so friggin right. Its time!!! For me to start listening, and stop just gunning for stuff. Simply by thinking with my head and not my heart. I have come a mighty long way folks. A year ago I might have been balled up in a corner crying and hiding from the world. This time I’m content with where my life is headed cause im in control of what’s going on in my life. God is the captain and I’m the first mate. The people who choose to be passenger on this voyage of the S.S Budda come along for the ride because I plan on doing me 150% better. The song “Never could have made it” is blaring from my soul…the song inspires and uplifts many. To me it speaks volumes when you don’t know how u got through certain events in your life “look up” don’t look around. God has everything to do with why I’m good. I trust that he has my back when I think I can’t go on anymore. I’m feeling good today folks…and it ain’t got anything to do with what I drank last night. I’m high on life and what I have to look forward to. Hope my note didn’t bored you too bad…lol feel free to leave your thoughts if u like.


Reggie said…
No matter what anyone tells you Angie, regret and time are the fires that we all burn in; but fear not, tomorrow is another day.

The great thing about tomorrow is that it's not today and anything can happen tomorrow. Hope springs eternal, open your heart to change.

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