The aftermath

*sigh* Lemme just tell y'all my heart is heavy. I feel like I just lost the only person who had the balls to tell me the truth no matter what. He also showed me he wasn't with me for sex he want using me for anything. He loved me enough to let our trouble relationship end on a good note. My last entry was my anger speaking my heart wasn't in it. I just felt abandoned I felt like I failed at something else. I love to win hate disappointment. I have a lot to work on...maybe we will be again one day...maybe not. But he is not out of my life. He still has a connection to my kids and we are still friends. The song by Maxwell called Fistful of tears got a sister heart aching... imma end right here and come back. Thanks for reading.


There has not been ONE relationship that I've had that ended on a good note. Even though I know it hurts that he is gone. At least you don't have to deal with the long drawn out fight with nasty words. You never know, you guys may be able to try again at another time.

Thanks sis its been rough I can't really stand being around couples anymore just remindes me of my failed relationship....its in the cards I hope. Thaks girly.
Reggie said…
Angie I'm so very sorry to hear that it didn't end the way that you would have wanted, but maybe it's for the best.

You never know what's in your future, maybe ultimate happiness is just around the corner.
yeah i hope so Reg this love life of mine sucks lol

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