not ready to go down this road again yall!!! but i have to there is no use of holding someone back that may need or want someone different. I have made a promise to myself to save a lil something for me, do a lil more for me and my kids. Most of a lil. I've been worried bout bills, non supportive baby daddies, and many other things. This has to stop i have worked myself into a ulcer...not bad yet tho. My world has been full of love and companionship and now nothing. I loved being in love having someone to come home to...someone to miss me and spoil me. Not with riches but attention. Im keeping busy so my mind wont focus on the empty space i have dwelling in my heart. Its so easy for me to express this feeling cause I've prayed about and let it go into the hands that can work it out for me. Like i said last blog i kno it was true real and worth my time. When people ask me where is my boo or how things are going with us it hurts to say it didn't work but in reality its the truth and i guess i have to live with it till my broken puzzle finds the missing piece.Most of the time when u continue to run into the same brick wall in relationships it turns u away from dating. I'm taking a long break from the dating scene period. Failed relationships in 2008 and 2010 thats my sign to chill out. thanks fore reading my jibber jabber. Here Chrisette Michelle I'm gone be Ok.


Awww..Budda. I'm so sorry it didn't work. But, like you gonna be ok. A nice break may help. That is exactly what I did. It's almost been a year since I broke up with my boo and I've benefited so much. I've learned so much about myself. Did a lot of crying, venting..get it out girl!

thanks BE i'm just trying to keep a clear head and heart and maybe steppin back will help. Thanks for droppin by my spot girly. ((((huggin u back))))

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