just rambling...lol

I sit here teary eyed and content. Not sad at all just have more confirmation of what needs to happen in my life to be happy. I've prayed and listened and watched. I've lost respect for some and ppl have made me do a double take on them. Shocked yeah but I was told a long time ago that I was special I give ppl the benefit of the doubt which I don't regret but it seems to bite me in the ass. I have to remember time and love have a bigger bearing on honesty and true blue support. My whole world has changed as of late my relationship crumbled my kid is having issues in school and I am stretched beyond belief. I am sure things will pick up and ill be back to my normal. Talking to God and keeping my distance from everyone including some family is keeping me sane. What's important is my health my kids well being and just plain living life and not sweating the small stuff. For some reason now I can hear that lil voice in my head a lil clearer cause I'm not letting anyone elses bullshit affect me. Its just not worth it. True love is what I've desired, love from my kids is good cause its authenic. I'm rambling but I'm sure u guys feel me.


Reggie said…
You can't change yesterday, just look forward to tomorrow and the endless possibilities for happiness tomorrow Angie.
thanks Reggie im getting things together

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