On the other side of the bed...

the events of this weekend have really put the brakes on Budda. I'm sitting here in this hospital bed bored outta my mind reading blogs playing round on FB and playing on twitter and all i can think about is what are my kids doing. Hands on mommy i am i do everything for them but now i have to trust that they woman who raised me is doing all she can o keep them in line. Ive received alot of well wishes and visits and my coworkers have been so sweet to me. i really cant complain i have alot of changes to make. My diet will change drastically cause i dare not end up in here again.
i have been struck with indigestion several time over the last few months. Some tums prevacid here and there and i was good in a few hours. the paint hat struck me Friday morning was different it didn't linger and come back it radiated from my left abdomen to my back non stop. i took a few things thinking i might be backed up and nothing happened. Got home laid around took something else...did the Mommy thing and chilled. Awoke all night with the same naggin pain and decided this was something serious and i need to got the er. good thing i did cause i had a CAT scan and it showed i had (Diverticulitis is caused by inflammation, or (sometimes) a small tear in a diverticulum. If the tear is large, stool in the colon can spill into the abdominal cavity, causing an infection abscess or inflammation to the abdomen)

i was totally in awe cause i have been a healthy person up to this point. Went the restroom on a regular and tried my best to stay away from food that didn't agree with me. i guess i didn't try hard enough. this usually occurs in older people but I'm 32 and surprise. I'm so very glad i did go the E.R. and not waited....things cudda went towards surgery if i did. I have a very nice surgeon she is very informative and i love when i person can look me in the eye and talk. shows she has respect and confidence in what she is telling me. so whatever she asks me to do to avoid surgery i will.

Well ill be back later folks im having a lil pain and the morphine is gonna knock a sista out quick. if u have shot me a call text or said a prayer for my recovery i thank u from the bottom of my heart. *hand over heart* Smooches.


Reggie said…
I sincerely hope you're better Budda.
i am just doing what the doc recommeded

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