im so angry

I'm so friggin angry today! It started off with someone trying to take me there and then work was crazy. I don't like being angry I have good and bad things going for me right now. I don't want the negative to blind me from positive things in the near future. God couldn't be doing this for any othere reason but making me a better human being. I'm open truthful and in charge of things going on with me but when I feel like I'm losing control it bothers me. I have to be in control. My kids are healthy and happy I guess happy with our circumstances. Probably more than I know. I hate for them to see me upset about anything...they really deserve a happy healthy mom so getting rid of this anger that's inside me is mandatory. Just felt like blogging this out to clear my head thanks for reading. Peace.


MrRLW said…
that's all that's needed sometimes. to get something down on paper or on the screen can be as therapeutic as bouncing it off of a person (face-to-face).
Yes I get plenty therapy when I write I don't necessarily post everything but I love to show my softer side.

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