Moment of conception: my story through poetry

From the moment of conception
I knew it was an exception
I have to make right now
Shut my lifestyle down
Get my mind right
Wilding out is now in my hindsight
Perfect from is blown up
When this is over boy do i gotta tone up
Working in the club is not an option
An hell naw im not putting my baby up for adoption
Making it rain for me is a thing of the past
I have no more time to be showing my ass
Gotta future to plan for
No more craziness
What am i dong
I gotta raise this baby
Nine months later 65lbs greater
Water broke blood pressure spiked
"You’ll be pushing soon, your dilated to ten Miss White"
Laboring for an hour
Walking in hall
Standing in the shower
Momma comes in frantic smelling of gin
She was out and about 4am in the morning
Boy im i looking forward to this labors end
My son is crowning
I’m in pain and clowning
This curly head lil man gave me all this pain
Acting crazy like i was going insane
But as i hold his lil hand nothing even matters
He is beautiful worth all the trouble pain and anger at the donor
But i have been handed a gift of being a mother
It’s the best feeling in the world
Unlike no other.
Whether you’re a natural birth foster mother
Stepmother or adoptive mother
I encourage you to stand up straight
I know the weight is heavy
U ain’t gotta tell me
My children are my everything
I’ve had my regrets
But those smiles hug and there breath on my neck **sigh**
Reminds me of how much "I" need them
How i couldn’t live without them
How i don’t doubt they will make me proud
i am a mother and i scream that out loud.
~Lykebudda™©2008~ revised 5/2010


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