Instant gratification is what I crave
But no don’t rush
Relax behave
Nowadays it takes time to find
Worthy recipients’
Of your prime time attention
Suspicions have to be aired out
No conditions
Just free will
To speak
No intent to cheat
No quota to beat
Goal to meet
Just unconditional
In the books marked official
Now leaving heartbreak central
Headed for lovers rock
Now in full view
No secrets
No unusual rendezvous
For those who snoozed
You loose
Had your chance to make that move
The thing about finding the one
When u desire perfection
U suffer loneliness
That one is trying to live up to the phoniness
I have better things to do than pretend
I have made amends
With my past on to my future
On to what it may hold
Choices to make
Ties to break
Cages to shake
Egos to create
I shall continue to dominate.
~Lykebudda™ ©2010~


MR. CHAP said…
That's why you're the best around...always have been. Since 360.

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