Keyshia Cole - I Remember

In a different time and different mental place this song got me through some heartbreak. It was that song that when I sang it it somehow penetrated my soul brought tears to my eyes and until the day I found love again it was my anthem. When I sit and listen to it now I feel Keyshia I really do. U give your all u have good times good memories great sex and much more. I used to argue with my ex about the many pictures I have with my ex boyfriends I have plenty save on my computer he felt I should delete them but I say they are my memories and some I looked good in and want to save em. Im rambling but y'all get my point. I remember everytime I have fell in love wouldn't change anything I've experienced.


ABoyd378 said…
I feel you 100% on this short and sweet writing.

There is always ONE Song that keeps us grounded and humbled during specific times in our Life. I'm happy that this is your "Go To" Anthem.
Thanks Drew I have plenty of "anthems" this one just had more pull wit my I feel like writing.. off to the drawing board

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