Life's a bitch...

*deep sigh*
This here life throws you a lot of curveballs. Some good some bad and some downright painful. We all handle things differently when it comes to "life" issues. "Only the strong survive" "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me"and many other "life quotes" we used to make ourselves feel better. I love my life I love all the twists turns and falls I have had. I appreciate all the struggles and downfalls. I really do. It creates a tough skin, not saying its not had its soft spots.
When anyone in my fam or friends are going through stuff I absorb it. Make it my own issue. I know I kno I shouldn't. Some stress ppl go through is self inflicted. Some is not such as grief and coping with day to day bullshit that rolls in unannounced and knocks the damn wind out of us. *breathing a sigh of relief* lord knows what I can handle and what I cannot he shall divert away from me.
Baby I have dreamed of the perfect life relationship cars jobs friends even...but its just not my time. I posted a status on facebook this week referring to ppl who try to downgrade you because ur not doing as well as they are financially mentally and so on and so forth. There are some ppl in this world who will inquire about your well being only to laugh behind ya back because they alright. My granny always told me sometime things can change from "sugar to shit" in a matter of seconds. So take evrything seriously one day at a can be taken away from u in a blink. *ask folks who lost houses businesses etc* they prolly thought they were living the dream only to have they carpet snatched right from under them.
Ill stear clear of relationship that's a touchy subject that I refuse to dive into maybe next blog ill go there. On Yahoo360 I wrote a blog about life and death it was about a lady who I later found out e-faked her death her name was "Kay" she was presented as a beautiful soul full of poetry beauty and drama even. Her poetry was awesome her love was magic to watch and when I found out she passed I was upset....then to find out she was fake hurt more. The person who was behind it was a miserable woman with a gift but she didn't love herself enuff to just be "herself". Whose life is that bad they have to do all that. Taught me a big lesson I got it made. I'm comfortable in my skin I'm necessary I matter...and life is just a dream....a very "action packed" one at that.
Thanks for reading folks til next time *smooches*
"Row row row ur boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merilly merilly life is but a dream"


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