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So y'all I have to get this out cause I hate when folks analyze me period...especially when u don't really know me. This transpired from my FB status stating I don't know why half my list has befriended me. That included my high school classmates.

I was quiet in high school no fancy threads just average kept my hair done clothes clean. Wasn't rocking Girbaud or Polo. Some Tommy here and there and if I had Kmart clothes on I was cool with it. My mom was single barely making it but my brother made sure I had a fresh pair of J's if I didn't have nothing else. I didn't need much I went to 3 different high schools because of my mom's marriage and then divorce several yrs later. I wasn't a total lame I had a brother who was a bully and didn't like me hanging with no fast ass broads and dude might as well chalk it.

I graduated with my class but didn't attend any senior events...why? Cause I didn't have a dress or date and I had already signed up for work. See people I have been employed since I was 16 and til this day I still am. I in hindsight wished I didn't deprive myself of that day or the amusement park event. But I had something greater going on in my household. I never really befriended anyone but two girl Alicia & Angela W. Bff's we were not but we stayed in contact. Another girl Kim B stayed really close til she moved outta state with her fiance. I wasn't in the top ten but I wasn't far behind. I enjoyed my high school years.

There is always the couple of ones who were popular for various things like sports, cosmoetology, or acting a fool. Then you have the hoes and shit starters who still haven't grasped there lil piece of reality yet. Mediocre adult lives spent bearing multiple kids dealing with multiple nukkas never really "growed up". They like to bring up the past and live in the past. Me I'm not who I was in high school. I'm not quiet, I'm not shy, and I don't possess a jealous bone in my body. I'm beautiful, successful, I'm a mother, a trendsetter, a poet, and simple comfortable in my skin. Real talk I'm so relieved that this lil incident occurred.

When I got on FB I set out to keep in touch with fam and find a few friends from the past. I didn't plan on having the following I do have I had FB when I was in college and nobody was on it. So a young lady, old classmate commented obviously referring to my 2009 pic that was my profile pic saying "white eyeliner is played and you think your fancy too"
O_0 ummm first I lol and said naw bitch u think I'm fancy...I don't even used those kinda words. So I though about it why is she even on my list? I got a email saying my name was mentioned went to look and wow!! She was clowning me on someone else page...and I quote "her fat, ugly, bumpy faced ass deleted me and so and so. *blank stare*
AND?! "I was never her friend anyway". *falls outta chair and faints* lol

Ok I'm back... if that wasn't a high school musical ass statement lol. First I don't need any friends I have enough good folks in my circle and a grown ass women going off about FB shit is too damn much. I have too much polish to be going back and forth with any airhead. I do me and well. I stay real I stay humble. I just don't get 30+ ppl going at someone who supposedly means nothing to you. Who gives a shit if I delete u? We stay in the same city, my emal is open for messages I mean I don't get it.

I'm really sick of ppl who use the internet to do their dirty biz. Grow up get some courage and address the person u have an issue with. Just had to put it out there. Don't go at me without a full clip...I am not who you thought I was.

Peace ppl.


Ms toy said…
I find it also amazing how some people are oh so friendly with me but back in high school didnt care from me. I feel at this point in my life at my age , I can be cool with certain people and forget the past, but like you say people use the internet (behind the scenes) to say shit about you, still 15 years later . I like you was to myself in highschool I had several friends that I associated with but only one who was really my friend, and to this day is my best friend. I had some of the hot fasions, and some cheaper fashions from petries, and jean I was hated on cuz I kept to myself, I hung with the guys, I was smart, and tehy couldnt get in my skin. I hardley ever went to any function, hell I didnt even atten prom. But I sit and laugh because the ones that always have something to say, dont have much room to talk, no looks,no job, no nothing . People are suprised to hear me say I have a degree , and that Im educated and have alot going for myself....But keep doing you, cuz like you said just like a highschool musical, petty as grown so called "Ladies"
I tell ya Toy its amazing that after all these years people haven't shook those childish ways and I'm so glad I stayed to myself and just did what I had to do. I'm not balling I'm living...I don't live for anyone else but me. I'm glad you are doing well and don't involve yourself in that foolishness. That's exactly why I don't break my neck to attend any alumni events, I don't wanna be around no drama. Thanks for checkin out my blog ;)

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