Even Angels...make mistakes

As i stated in my makings of me judgment blog blog i really don't get when people judge from the outside looking in. So i will use Fantasia's drama as a example.

She is a woman who has made headline for messing with a married/separated man and now is possibly being sued for "messing around" with this man. i was talking to someone this morning about it and how i didn't think she owed the woman anything monetary.i feel as though this woman needs to go at her husband and not "the other woman". You cant break something that was already falling apart. In no way am i saying Fantasia had no wrongdoing in this....we have the option to back off until things are final.

My mom used to say you cant believe what your told unless you see it for yourself. We get caught up, get lost in the romance, the attention, the comfort of someone bestowing comments and such...and get blind sighted. Forget our morals values and just plain ol fuk up. I believe she hit a wall...career in repair, gossip blogs/TV/articles calling her a home wrecker, family breathing down her neck, and her own personal heartache eating her up. I watched the show last night on VH1 and i felt sorry for her. If she wasn't a celebrity no one would care who she was seeing. Her aunt told her it would get to this point.

We as women put our hands on our hips and roll our necks about what we will and will not do IF put in the same situation. I say you never know what you may do when your heart is into something. We don't know what lies that man whispered in her ear...or if this was planned from the began that they take her for some money. y'all know there is some trifling people out here that will go there. And i did actually think maybe she didn't care...who knows.

It hurts my heart that she tried to commit suicide because of the pressure. So much talent, such a story to tell and a legacy to leave behind. She was brought up in the church i wonder why she didn't go to God with these issues? Im a big fan of hers...i don't turn and run when things like this arise. i take a deeper look into whats going on. even tho i don't know her personally I've been close to where she has been minus the fame.

I'll pray for her to heal her reputation, her heart and hopes she learns a few lessons out of the drama.

Thanks for reading.


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