A little personal ~ poem

“A lil personal”
I woke up this morning with tears
Running down my face
Something bothering me
I just can’t shake
This feeling of repression
Silent thoughts
Leaning toward depression
Just want these things to stop
Time for cessation
I’m focused determined
Full of motivation
But this thing won’t let me free
A hater of sorts
Won’t let me be
It’s pasting a cloud over my head
Its raining yall
Can’t ya see?
I’m praying it off
I’m waving it off
Devil hater
U can’t have me
U don’t know how good the man upstairs
Has been to me
He has been my friend when no one cared
He has been my counselor
No fee
Didn’t have to pay he was there
He has been my comfort at night
When I wanted to go back to the old me
He has showed the one’s who do me wrong
No, no
Don’t mess with my child please
On a personal journey
There’s no wrong way I’m turning
He got his hand on the steering wheel
I’m burning gas
For my savior
Yes I’m learning
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Reggie said…
Another nice post Angie. You did always have mad skillz!!!

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