Makings of me "Friendship"

This right here may hurt a few feelings... I have been pushing this thought back for various reasons. That old Whodini song "friends" keeps flowing through my head. "Friends how many of us have them. Friends the one's we can depend on". Keyword DEPEND.

When you first meet folks your either introduced, mutually aquainted, or a simple conversation may have brought you together. You chat, go out, exchange various conversations. Over the years you become like family. Kids play together family knows you and makes sure your present at every event. Your available anytime of the day or night for emergency pow wows or just to simply be a shoulder for your "friend".

All of these things are to be returned and not taken for granted. My mom always told me don't do things so you can be recognized, do it cause it is the right thing to do. When someone confides in me... I keep it confidential. When some one ask me for advice I keep it real, I don't lie I don't baby the situation. When a friend hurts I'm right there listening...u don't always gotta put ya two cents in on everything. When the going gets tough I don't turn in the face of danger I'll stand up to a mofo for you.

I for the life of me cannot plant a finger on calling anyone in my life right now a BFF. I do have ppl I can call on no matter what time it is and get them on the phone. I do have friends that if I want spiritual advice or just wanna vent are available. Yes they will place there life on hold and listen. I am never too far in a rut that I don't care about what my friends are going through. I absorb their sadness, embrace their happiness, and sometime take on their issue as my own. I had a good friend for 17yrs and a bad business deal tore us apart. We were inseperable. She was also my hairdresser who kept me fly. But I had to walk away because I didn't want her to have to chose between me & someone else. It was the hardest thing and the most significant situation that I had to let go.

Another friend after 7yrs of friendship assumed me and her then man/babydaddy were getting "too close" even tho we were childhood friends before she ever met him. He was like a brother to me. I can't help but be offended...I don't want nothing noone else has had. Especially since I was in a relationship wit my kids dad at the time. I have to be around a certain grade of female. You first can't be insecure, stupid in love, doing things that make people question what I stand for (birds that hang together type of situation) and you can't be all out for you...must be responsible.

Friends come a dime a dozen....but true friends are worth a million bucks.
To the folks who I call friends near or far high or know who you are I don't have to announce you. Those who wander if I'm talking bout you....sorry if ya have to wonder its not you. If you have good friends embrace em call em tell them you love them. How you appreciate them being their for you. We seem to take folks for granted thinking they will always be around.

Thanks for reading and feel free to add your thoughts to my rambling.


Da_Kween said…
I so feel you on that Budda. Friends are invaluable. NOT associates...FRIENDS! And you know what? The ones that I don't speak to that often or have moved on...I still call them friends...because in the time before things got bad, I can remember them being there for me and I know I was there for them. Sometimes life changes, WE change...and we have to part ways.

GREAT post. (((HUGS)))
Kween I dig that but you kno u take a step back and notice some are "conditional" friends and have to rid yaself of them...I have some great ppl in my corner (including u Drew Al and a few others) who always share the love. Thanks to you for that.

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