The Makings of Me: "Strength"

"Ain't nothing gonna come to you sitting around with ya hand out get up get out and work & hustle for what you want" my mother wasn't a soft batch. She didn't shield us from much...she didn't let any harm come our way tho. She was know to be the short feisty redbone who knew how to wield a knife and was down for whatever. She worked hard after she left California from being a Navy wife for 10years. Now a mother of 3 and to get things right. Hustle...working 16 hours and using the fellas advances as leverage to get what she needed. That's what I grew up cookie making apron wearing doting mother.

...and ya know what I'm not mad about it. She didn't get the pampering or hand holding either. Throughtout these years I have grown a new respect for her hustle. I'm a mother of two now I'm their sole provider. I'm there bright light when their other parental half disappoints. I'm the person people will blame if they do anything wrong. Some don't have children because they don't wanna hold much resposibility over a little persons life. I accept the challenge. No one will ever come before my kids not even me. Come hell or high water ill do for them.

I work hard for them. I keep a straight face for them. I will die for them. My motivation and strength come from seeing them happy healthy and safe. I didn't know how our life would turn out but so far so good. No I'm not married and we ain't 100% stable but we good. We have had our lights off, gas off, evicted hey we have struggled. I made it my mission in life to not sweat the small stuff. Suck it up get on my hustle and if I have to get down for what I want. I ain't too good for shit. I'm not ashamed of being single I have two babies by two irresponsible men who do for me when they feel like it. Thank the Lord for giving me the "strength" to do all I need to do. I think I will be alright for the next 7-10yrs til my kids become grown-ups...."I'm stronger wiser and I'm better much better...when I look back on what he has done for me I realize I never would have made it without you" ~Marvin Sapp

I'm good ya know... I'm thinking clearly now... Yep I'm smilin...smooches


Da_Kween said…
It's beautiful to grow up and appreciate the kind of mom you had...esp. when you've learned so much about her and her sacrifices.

God bless you and your babies, Budda :)

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