Light at the end of the tunnel

"I'm going through so much I don't know how much more I can take"
Classic quote when someone feels like giving up
I believe there is always light at the end of the tunnell
this song came to my mind while i was typing...absolutely no relation to my current mindset.

I refuse to lay down and take the next ass whoopin the devil has arranged for me. I'm a fighter. I live for my kids, I'll die for them in a heart beat. When I get in my moods and don't wanna be bothered by anyone...not even my kids. I really hate that I get that way. I should be tired of being alone...and embrace their presence. They are my light at the end of the tunnel.

Children are planned by some and acquired in the name of love, lust, or force. My kids were made in love, I loved their dads but ish just didn't work out. I hear so many woman claim there kid is holding them back, bringing them down, chasing men away...umm *ding-dong*. Kids are a part of the package. I've been in several situation where I've seen a loving courtship go down the whole soon after children are mentioned. Why? At my tender age of 34 most of my friends have a few kids or more. That's just the way things are nowadays.

Currently I am in a situation that's comfortable with my childrens' well being that is soon to change. I'm not even tripping cause I know even when we officially part way he will keep my kids' well being in mind. Since they have been introduced they have been bonded. You don't find that in every relationship. Some keep their distance and its well over months and a year into the situation. Not a good look if you want to have a successful relationship my kids are a part of meand they must vibe with you if we advance into a meaningful situation.

I'm rambling off on this subject but you get the jist of what I'm saying. Until my kids are grown and off on their own anyone who pursues me is gonna have a hard time convincing me they are the one. My kids will be my primary focus for here on out. In order for me to be successful I need to keep on the right path. I know when I get there to the end of the tunnell of struggle my kids will be standing beside me...they will be the light at the end of the tunnell.


Reggie said…
There's an asswhipping out there waiting for all of us Budda. Ain't none of us too good for it, but we all want to avoid it.

Our children are part of us and yes, they're part of the package.
Thee_Kween said…
I feel you...I'm not a mom, but as a woman who knows that any man I meet may be a father already, I'm prepared to take him and his children as one.

Life hands us a lot of's what you do with it. You can either bury it and call it manure, planting seeds along the way...or sling it and watch it hit the fan and hit you back. You're strong. I know you'll make it whatever may come your way.
reggie feel like this ass whooping is from a switch from gma's bushes but im gonna maintain and get it together thanks babes

Kali to me family whether its children or immediate fam comes with the package and if the one you love cant vibe with em its gonna be an issue one day. im just trying to keep a positive spin on the crazy situations life has dished me and embrace all my lessons. thanks mama

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