Marvin Sapp & me

I've used this song more than once...*pause*
i had to play it again and as i type it is on repeat

Here i am through every up and down and still standing and being all i can be for the ones who love/need me. this wont be a perfect post cause I'm just typing whats on my heart. i have a lot on my mind i have refrained from sharing every little pain i have cause it doesn't help me. today is just one of those days I'm home alone (somewhat) and I'm listening to my gospel and surfing the web. god has this hold on me this morning when this son came on i stopped in my tracks. its a testimony to his life and i can relate. this week I'm trying to stay focused my mind is on work money and getting through Christmas without flipping out. my granny is on my mind...we still need to get her headstone replaced cause the last one cracked. i know she prolly tell us to put a stick in the ground and write her name on it (country folks) but if i don't do anything else in the upcoming year i will make it a priority to get that done. the devil is creeping around my home and i hope my mom comes with her oil soon...he wont get to me. i love my life every bump bruise and happy moments i have had and i hope everyone else is feeling blessed. i don't have to have a lot of money a man in my life or a lot of friends long as the almighty got me i don't need too much more.

thanks for reading my long winded rambling...have a great Sunday


Reggie said…
Angie I honestly believe that the very best posts are ones that are typed from the heart. Often when a post isn't typed from the heart it comes across as artificial.

By the way, I haven't really listened to a lot of Marvin Sapp's music, this was very nice.

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