Freestyle flow

i know this place

ive been here before

dugg my self out

promised not to venture no more

im soaring above the clouds

trying to figure things out

trying to clear my head

its blurry

its filled with anger


im enduring

im moving forward

never backwards


toward the goal

i have set

jet set

eyes open

dont think yall ready yet

for this life long vet

to let the struggle go

the haters know

ive always been on top

if you stop been a lame

you will be right below it

im an action person

dont talk the talk show it

belong to it

own it

im gone


*blows smoke*


lets get rolling.

~Lykebudda2011~ all rights reserved 
(vibe wit me)



Reggie said…
Make it do what it do Budda!!!
Buddababy always a pleasure!!!
Citizen Ojo said…
okay..I can dig it.
thanks for the love babes

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