Here comes the bride...

Here comes the bride... all dressed in white
None knows how she is feeling inside
Slowly gliding down the isle
She is in a zone
She is alone
She had a different vision
She had it all planned every decision
Her family and friends
Her soul mate future husband
Her main man
As she glides down the aisle… solo
Not cuffed on the in strong hands
That helped bore her
To give her away
On here this important day
She appears to be dazed
But they don’t know what she is thinking
She blinds them with that smile on her face
Remembering that phrase
Never let em see you sweat
Handle this with grace
Removing the words
Who gives this bride’s hand in marriage away?
For he let her go and let the world handle her anyway
Her father in heaven
Picked up the pieces
Sent to her was a love that truly represents him
That warms her heart to no end
So despite the nonexistent presence
Of the one who is supposed to love her unconditionally
Chase away her fears
Dry all of her tears
Assure her of her beauty
Give her the game
Protect her from those mean streets
She has grown to be a woman of excellence
Deserving of happiness
And all that is due to thee
Her glide turns into a stride
Her love waits no more
She will not hold back
She is accepting what she has
Just too bad on the day of her grand walk
She had to do it minus her dad.


S.O.A.P. said…
I feel this sis and the song just POLISHES it to crystal clear shine. I grew up with my dad. But his addiction to drugs, alcohol, and the streets made him there/yet NOT there. And I missed so many things. Had some things. But missed so MANY IMPORTANT ones. *tears in my eyes now*
When I married, I walked myself down the aisle. Believe it or not, he had an attitude about it. To spare his feelings I told him I was "non-traditional". He should have known, he never EARNED that spot. He has been clean @ 17 years now. But reading ur post, the pain is still there.
Luvin the post and song!!
aww SOAP
this blog came from me watching that damn show say yes to the dress. I have never been married just engaged and we didnt make it to the alter just the delivery room.I always fantasize about what my wedding would be like and then the thought of not being given away bothers me. My father is not involved in my life i am the first born out of 3 kids 2 of which are half-siblings. I just wondered how it would feel to have my dad be apart of my life and teach me and care for me and them pass me on to th man of my dreams to continue to protect and love me the way he suppose to. I dont see it happening and im cool with sorry you had a dad and he didnt do right...u had every right to exclude him from your special day. too bad mine excluded his self from my life.
Reggie said…
Nice post Budda.

I can't wait to walk my daughter down the aisle. She's only 19 now, but I'll be ready when the time comes.
i know you will Reg
I relate this in so many ways. My father was absent; full of excuses and sob stories as to why he couldn't be there for me. As for marriage, been there but there was no chapel, no large audience, no flowers.. just me, him and the judge; plus a witness (my mom).

I love weddings. Great work, Budda.
Anonymous said…
i am lost for words....beautiful..well in the same boat...just not...sailin on the same dad is not involved in my life neither...never really has been...i am my fathers Only child which is why i cant seem 2 understand his absence...i believe that is one of the reasons i always looked for love in all the wrong places..looked for it in all the wrong dad was not there 2 assure me that all i needed was him and the man i am out here on my own tryin 2 figure this whole thing out!!!!!!! my fav song...i listen 2 in this time of hurt is beyonce(my daddy)can u post that for me hun?????

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