PMS'n & Bitchin...

"See i dont wanna hear ya problem cause i'm having some of my own" MJB

Me…all about me me me me

I’ve been talking about me and my little issues and how I plan to put in to action a remedy for my trouble. Why? Because I’ve been caring too much what my people around me are going through. I’ve never in my life hated to tell someone “that’s not my problem, I have my own things to get through” but here I am at that point of no return.

I love to be helpful whether its work, home, or family business. I will/have give my last for someone else that isn’t necessarily my problem. I’ve driven on my last fume of gas to make sure someone else got the help they needed. I have opened my home for anyone who needed a place to stay or get away. I have risked my relationship because I cared about a person who probably wouldn’t spit on me if I was on fire.

Welp I’m on some other shit right now… this is a long time coming. I have a little sister who always says I’m too free hearted and people take advantage of it until I let the bitch loose then I’m just mean. STFU is what I say. I get tired of the same shit all the time. I have been in a bit of a jam for about a year, haven’t really been complaining about even though it’s been a thorn in my side. We all used to doing certain things with no assistance and that’s all to the good. But when you have over-extended yourself for folks and the Adidas is on the other foot you get the gas face O_0 it’s quite a kick in the face.

No one owes you anything but remember one good turn deserves another. I scratch your back you scratch mine…old saying but good point behind it. Priorities for me are getting my lovely house together, purchasing a car and making vacation plans for me and my babies. I have no friends…the ones I do have are my family. I have acquaintances in many different places from here to the west coast. I admire people who have good people in their corner…I envy their luck. I will not dwell on the what is, what was, what could be. I will just count it as my destiny to learn everyone who says they are for you are not. I’m good with that…now they can stop taking up space in my world.

Venting as usual…thanks for reading.


Reggie said…
No matter what we do for other people, we always need to save a little something for ourselves.
♥ CG ♥ said…
Whew, chil'! I definitely understand. Grown folks can work out their own stuff, so don't feel bad for focusing on your needs.
@Reggie- no doubt
@CG trust me i dont i just feel sorry for those who have to experience the selfish me. I can be a real bitch at times.

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