Run Forest...RUN!!!

*Looking up at the pic* Yelling Run Forest RUnnnnnn!(in my Jenny voice)

in this life we have many obstacles to overcome, many heartaches and many dilemmas. I wish i could learn to turn away and haul ass outta some situation with no regret. I cannot. I'm a fighter, I'm a survivor. when trouble approaches i stand up to it and take the ass whooping...not laying down. I do what i can and worry bout the repercussions later. Some would call it a bad thing cause you cant win em all, i think otherwise.

I hate to be called a rebel...mainly because i don't see myself as that.God gave me a mouth to speak, hands to write and nurture, and ears to listen and feel others pain and happiness. But running hasn't ever been an option in my head.

Forest ran to save himself. He ran because Jenny told him to. He ran to get away from his problems. He wasn't the smartest mofo but he knew what was best for him. He was praised for running away, for being a sweet soul. He finally decided to stop running away from stuff...he lived a wonderful life despite being a idiot savant. He knew running away was the last resort to anything.

I sometimes wish i could run away...i wish i was free was worry...from idiocracy...from this crazy crazy world we live in. I am faced with so much lately, i pat myself on the back because i don't know how i would have made it this far without guidance and blessings the Lord has reigned on me. I'm so thankful that people say nice things about me. Praise my efforts in this life. That phrase "I don't know how you do it" is a mystery to me too. In the back of my mind I'm thinking the same too.

i would love to run away like a track star but I'm not built like that. I just encourage those who don't have the ability to stop running to *pause* stop running place your feet firmly get in ya defensive stance and take on this world head on. It ain't over for none of us yet....this was so random and Forest Gump came to mind because he ran because he wasn't taught to stand up for what he believed in. He was encouraged to "give up" his right to be respected...until he took it back.

Be strong people. Thanks for reading.


LOL I can think of at least two church songs that make me agree with this...and they both old, ole, ol school.

* and clapping and foot stomping*
I believe I'll run on and see what the end gon be, I'll believe I'l ruuuuuun ooon see what the end gon be.

Lord I'm runnin trynna make a hundred 99 and 1/2 wont do....Lawd I'm runnnin tryna make a hundred...99 and 1/2 wont do!!!!
*banging my trusty tambourine* thanks for leaving soe love Kia
Reggie said…
I can't run either Budda, it's just not within me.

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