Satisfied (poetry flow)

I'm satisfied that i may not have much
that i may never be Mrs. So n So
that God is not ready for me to be complete
that every struggle
every twist and turn
every moment of grief
was meant for me
to guide me into his path
to let me witness the struggle
that led me to a simple thought
that my happiness cannot be fake
cannot be bout
it has to be sought
not given or taken
habits are hard to break and
punishment hard to sustain
no blame game
all the distractions I've had
are the devils warriors
knocking me off track
never there for me
never had my back
took comfort in seeing me crack
well surprise surprise
I'm back
not a wrinkle
not a smudge
crown still attached
tilted but I'll adjust
I'm satisfied with the journey
I'm satisfied with what war wounds it has earned me
I'm satisfied that it isn't over till it over
I'm glad I'm good with God
he will hold me over.


Thee_Kween said…
Yes, He will!! Satisfaction of self and the love of God is the beginning of a happy life. Love it, sis.
thanks yall 'preciate the support

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