Day 12 - I get the job done...I go to work

12.something i never get complimented on is my work ethic.

i don't know how many people in this world who have a work history with small intervals of unemployment. I do. I have never been unemployed since the age of 15. I have worked at McDonald's as a teenager. Spent 10 long years working for the Cleveland Indians & Cavaliers and my current job I've been there 9 1/2 years under my belt. I am a go getta, i don't wait for any handouts nor sit on my ass and collect any type of benefits.

i relied on the welfare system briefly (while employed) when i first had my kids and returned to work immediately after i was cleared and worked damn near to the day they were born. Not many people compliment me on that. I take pride in knowing that i am not a lazy person. "You don't work you don't eat you don't grind you can't shine" is law with me. I wont even deal with a man who don't punch a clock or at least have a legal something going on. No dope boys allowed (been there done that).

These days you have to have some type of hustle bout yourself to survive. I have missed many events and had to leave my kids cause i had to get my ass to work so we could have a roof over our head. I don't regret doing that cause at least i was kicking it and missing out. I have merged into a position that is good for me on hours so i can spend evening with my kids instead of the 2nd shift i was "stuck" on.

life is good...thank God for my work ethic

Day 12 - My Truth


Reggie said…
I thought I saw a Kool Moe Dee quote there. A strong work ethic is very very important to me. I've NEVER been late to work and I really don't have time for people that are. I take my job seriously and I wouldn't and couldn't be bothered with anyone who didn't take theirs seriously.

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