My Truth 23 - Balance the budget

23. A Something you wish you had done.

i probably could have combined this one with the last one but here goes. I wish i had payed more attention in my accounting class and took some more college prep when i graduated high school. I am bad with balancing anything related to money. Yea i save money but if i had a better plan when paying bills i would have some extra funds in the rainy day account. This year I'm saving cause i only taking care of household things. all my utilities and things of that nature are all good. No more expensive shoes and shopping trips for me and the kids. Shoes socks underwear and a occasional mini spree for necessities only.

I hate robbing Peter to pay Paul so i don't...if i can't afford it I'm not supposed to have it. I love shoes, purses, and jewelry but i have a closet full of em and i don't even use them. Smh, wasting money (these ain't knock offs). One thing we lack when being brought up is the lessons of how to save and budget correctly. At the age of 34 I'm getting it...and i will continue to work on this for the betterment of my kids future. By the way if ya job accommodates a 401k/403B employee matched IRA go for comes in handy please believe it.

Day 23 - My Truth


Reggie said…
You're so right. I've used my 401k to put the down payment on the two houses that I've bought over the years.

Financial solvency is very very important. I know we can't take it with us, but if we need it, then it's nice to have it. Money and sex are similar in that neither one is important until you don't have it.
Thee_Kween said…
You and me both! I wish I hadn't "given away" my credit to my ex. Cost me 10yrs of debt.
i read somewhere that we people of ethnicity dont educate our children good enough when it comes to budgeting and saving and all that jazz and its hurting us. My mom robbed Peter to pay Paul and i refuse to do that...i cut off alot of crazy purchases and started getting real serious about mananging my money

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