My Truth Day 22 - I wish i never did it

22. Something you wish you hadn't done in life

i wish i hadn't let my fear of continue struggle interfere with me going to school and getting another degree/certification. Once i had my son i was just appreciative that i had a job. But that's all it was, A JOB. i want a career, i have the ability to be a great nurse and I'm staring it right in the face. I really want to leave the word "but" out of this cause its beginning to be the prelude to my excuse...that needs to stop. This thing called procrastination is getting to be a thorn in my side. I have to get on the ball and while speaking to my manager she said that she would support me a 100% in going back to school. My kids are getting older, my shift at work is more conducive for me to go in the evenings or weekends, i have no excuse.

I also wish i hadn't tried to tell my father how i felt a few years ago. It didn't go well. He was mean and insensitive and that is how i will always remember him. I reached out and got my hand smacked and i will forever remember that. They tell you to make the first move or no one will. I didn't wanna go one more day without telling my day how i felt about his abandonment and his non-interest in establishing anything with me and my sis. I guess his demons are more powerful than the words from his first born child's mouth. I just wish things went a lil different, like him embracing that i was hurt and apologizing for his part of me growing up fatherless. Okay I'm done with this truth its fuggin up my

Day 22 - MY Truth


Thee_Kween said…
There's still time...I pray that you're given the inspiration you need to follow through...

As for your dad...that's tough. I wish you peace of mind and heart on that.
Reggie said…
We all like to say that we don't have regrets, but that's just never true.

It is what it is.

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