My Truth Day 25-26 It is his will

Day 25- Reason i believe I'm still alive today
I am alive today because god chose for me to be here. I don't think it was in his plan to tease the world with this beautiful spirit of mine. Ive stayed away from may things that would have shortened my life and/or made it unbearable. God is good to those are faithful and unfaithful to his word. His love is what's keeps me stable if no one else loves me beside myself i know he does. I will do everything in my power to follow his word. I know even if i don't follow it he won't shun me like the rest of the world. I'm alive because it is his will.

Day 26th - ever thought about giving up on life is when/why

i have never wanted outta this life, that hasn't crossed my mind at all. i have encountered people who have wanted out and i have offered them the same explanation that i say above about myself. You are here for a reason and your struggle will be your it will get better day by day. Trust and believe.


Reggie said…
I'm enjoying my life too, no point in ending it any sooner than is already ordained.
Thee_Kween said…
Thank God you're here...and thank God AGAIN that you've never felt that low to the ground. :D

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