My Truth - Day 27 - Best thang smokin..

27. Best thing going for you right now

I swear i just said something on my girl Kali status about this...

The best thing going for me right now is my sanity. My piece of mind, my stressors have become non-existent. I dont want to point the blame at one particular person, but i notice that the less i have dealt with certain people in my life the better i feel. See im one of those compassionate chicks who worry bout things that i dont necessary need to be worried about. When a friend or love one is in trouble, i'm there to rescue them with a kind word or defending them to other people. wehn i should sit back and observe if the same thing will be reciprocated. Normally i didnt care but who wants to be taken advantage of, or deprived of mental space cause you cant live right and do right.

I have got rid of alot of baggage recently and i dont plan on repacking that bag. See people show you their true colors when you tell them the gig is up. Doggin on you, talking shit about you to other people who know little or nothing and cant hold water. I'm not one to confront anyone off hear-say i feel a bad bish or dude would come to me with it instead of keeping my name alive in their gossip. *silly bishes*

I am happy with my situation, I'm dating again, getting my home together for me and the kids, and im fitting in just fine at my job, and my financial stability is better. What is there to complain about ya kno. The best thing going for me is my new found freedom to continue doing me and keeping my sanity. *deep sigh* sure feels good to me :)

This song by Patti Labelle was my favorite song as a kid (think my mom gave my record away)
"There's a Winner in you"


Reggie said…
I'm happy to hear you're so happy.

I have a lot of change going on this year, I'm gonna blog about that soon....maybe?
Thee_Kween said…
You are hugely blessed, sis. Amen to that!

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