My Truth Day 28 - Push!!!

28. what if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant what would you do?

Well I've been there and done that already and at this point in my life i dare not travel that road again. Not that i don't love children...cause i love mine and the ones around me. But I have had two high-risk pregnancies and i got my tubes tied for that very reason. Its been 11 years since i gave birth and right now i would go crazy. /at this point in my life I'm having other ailments and don't think my body don't remind me everyday that i ain't no spring chicken no more. What would i do? Exactly what i do now love nurture and protect my babies.

As for me getting someone prego...not humanly possible so I'm gonna decline that question.

Day 28- My Truth


Reggie said…
Shit right now I might cry.

My son is 21 and my daughter is soon to be 20. My older brother has little ones and I laugh at his ass every opportunity I get. Children are supposed to be enjoyed, but at my age I can wait for the grandkids in 5 or 6 years.
Reg I enjoy my kids just not the gestation delivery and single motherhood...pregnancy wud ground me at this time...glad I have baby cousins
Thee_Kween said…
I heard you knocked up your CC! *ctfuuu*

Seriously, I can see your point. You and Joy shame the same situation. I feel you on that point about having OTHER issues with your body to deal with. I say a lot how I'd want a child, but I don't
I did not knock him up lol..
Kween as much as i enjoyed being pregnant i didn like the high risk i was under and not feeling well and gaining so much weight only to have a touchy delivery...i would have someone else carry it for me today....thats it

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