Year in review 2011: Trust Issues

So here goes I honestly can say this year was full of some low and high points for me. I wrote a lot this year participated in many challenges and learned a lot about my peers. I have to say I really couldn’t wait for this year to be over with. I started out this year with zero resolutions.Mine was just go with the flow. I was fresh out a relationship (we were still staying in the same house 4 months after we officially broke up amicably) just wanted to really get my feet wet and just be single. Financially I was trying to stay ahead but my single mothers know shit just don’t always fall where you want it to. I’m glad to say now I am on semi-stable ground. My children have gotten way more of my attention not saying that they didn’t have it already but I had to cut the apron strings a little shorter as they get older. My work is fine I’m settled into my position and I’m focused on advancing my career in the next year or so in the same department.

I’ve made so many bad decisions this year especially in the department of trust. I’ve had my trust broken with several people. I want really blast them but I just will say I fed a secret to someone to see if it would manifest itself and it did. It’s all good I can take it. I stand behind everything I do and say.

 I allowed a man from my past who did me wrong to come back into my life, sweep me off my feet again only to drop me on my head once again. I really can say my heart was at its lowest this whole summer.
 I doubted my ability to be loved unconditionally and really didn’t love on myself like I should have been. My heart was broken… (Sigh) It reflected in a lot of things. I have the pleasure of knowing that dark place called heartbreak very well. I prayed for God to remove the hurt and restore my faith in love and I know he heard my cry. I just know he did.

I have the best outlook for 2012. I have a lot of good feelings manifesting inside of me. Has my time come to be complete mentally, physically, financially, and monetarily? Who knows!  but one thing I do know is I’m going to ride this muthafukka till the wheels fall off. I will be however stepping away from Facebook except for my groups BuddaSpot and Spill da Tea those are my platforms from here on out. Not really feeling the vibe on regular FB anymore. I’m on Google+ and Twitter (, Tumblr under Im in a lot of places doing my thing and I hope to get these poems published to share with the world.

I wish everyone a very prosperous and healthy new year. It’s time to forgive, turn the page, and wipe the slate clean to make room for whatever 2012 has in store for all of us. Keep God FIRST in every decision and allow him to lead you where he needs you to be. By this time next year I hope to have the same outlook I have now. Positivity.

Miracle and blessings to you and your families,
Love, Budda


Reggie said…
Well I'm hoping that 2012 is your very best year so far Budda. I'm thinking it'll be far better than 2011 for you.
No Labels said…
I enjoy reading your words, Budda. I know you will have much success for 2012.

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