Cupid doesnt lie....he sure does make mistakes tho

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Dear Cupid,

Man I had a hit out on you 
because of the things you do
or have done
sending me imposter's
they definitely were not up to par
I'm not placing the blame
i am just laying out my cards
I'm against all odds 
taking the good with the bad
i want what i never had
the honest of a strong man
the touch of his powerful hands
the whisper from his sweet lips
the passion in his kiss
the support of his strong shoulder
his compassion and ability 
to break down these painful boulders
the capability of making me drop this baggage
the courage of this king to drop to his knees
to honor his queen in marriage
a trust so deep 
he fears god 
pride aside 
ego in check 
educates himself 
to expand his world in depth
see cupid as of yet 
i have been surrounded by pretenders
playground pimps
young tenders
ready for the world 
but not ready for me
so before you shoot that arrow
please see above for my needs. 




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