Halfway...back to me

Hey good people!!!

I felt like coming over here spillin a little bit of Budda. I've been doing okay besides the normal stuff like life and career, and children. Love it's still on the fence. You see love to me is not in the cards right now because I choose to push it away for my own good. Not saying that it hasn't peeked in and startled me. I just don't trust my judgement right now. Sad to say but that's what it is. Gotta stay guarded. 

"Love is many things but one thing it cannot be is unsure" ~Maya Angelou

As far as my book goes I just don't have the interest in finishing it any time soon. I do have enough poems in it to go ahead and send it to be proofread. It's missing something and I can't put my finger on it and it's driving me nuts.So I place it on reserve until i know what that is. In between mourning and stressing out I just can't get back to normal. It will not be forced. It will have meaning behind it. It won't be primarily for profit...never has been I love sharing my heart with y'all. Thanks for your patience.

I did get a car and a new bill but it's okay me and my children needed this blessing. I used to sit and stress over so much stuff and I choose to not push myself into a deep depression. What will be will be and and it is what it is. I can't do nothing but roll with the punches. 

Welp I don't have much to share got a few changes going on with a few family and friends but that ain't none of my business to share with you......so I won't.

Thanks for reading my blog of nothing. Until next time.


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