Birthday the Budda Way - recap

created by Kween

I was just sitting here thinking of the events of the past week. I can laugh at it all right now because I feel a sense of freedom. I went from enjoying my paid vacation away from my job, to my lovely girls night in with a few friends. My birthday could have been better, I ain't mad about it one bit. I was invited to lunch and the person didn't show up so I took myself to my favorite place Red Lobster. I chilled for the rest of my day drinking Margaritas and watching movies with my kids. Stepped out for a glass of wine with my twin cousins. All in all it was a decent day. 

I haven't had the pleasure of allowing anyone to get me out my hookup because I decided to focus my stress on things that elevate me. I'm not about that petty life. I don't spend my days and nights worrying about how people view me. I live my life in a way that people see me for exactly who I really am. I don't need social media likes and follows to make Angie rock. I don't desire companionship to make me a better woman. A title never will make me feel like I trump another woman. I've had a lot of time to think about what I need... versus what I want. My life is content. I'll never be miserable when I have so much love in me and around me. 

Love to me is over rated... I'm not looking and no one is checking for me. I ain't mad one bit about it. It definitely irritates me when people don't value you their body. He hits me but...he makes good love to me. He cheats on me but...he gives me money. He doesn't provide for me but... I got money to cover us both. I want more and right now no one is impressing me. My phone isn't ringing with offers either. It's got to be a godly reason for that. I'll roll with it.

I've decided to clear a few people out of my mental rolodex due their overwhelming need to come for me with no provocation. I am good to a lot of people. My mom taught me to do things cause it's the right thing to do not because you desire the favor back. I do because I have a heart. No in between, no parade, no extra. I don't need a shout out or a parade. I'm hip to people now...I can't be bothered. Tired of the needy, unnecessary, look at me syndrome.

2015 won't be any different for me. I will still be me and just hope good things present themselves.  Ready for whatever. Full speed ahead for me. If ya rolling... roll on, and if you copping deuces, best of luck to you. I got more to tell y'all but that's another blog.

Love and hugs,


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