Miss Angie, can I borrow ypur ear for a few
I need to confide some serious shit if u got a minute boo
See I may be young but i've been through the storm
I’ve been used abused and ran amuck on
My innocence has been stolen
Pots pans extension cords (insert colon)
Upside my head
Incest in my bed
A slave master seeping negativity in my head
Walked on stomped on treated like a bum
Can’t wash off this feeling
Just drown it in sorrow
But a new day has come
A brighter tomorrow
Cause on this day
I refuse to be a punching bag for my momma
A baby factory for my dad
Who burned into my scull
Some bullshit psycho line
“You’re the best I ever had”
Coming from my dad “
Is that supposed to make me proud?
Sick to my stomach
Crying out for God
I’ve hit rock bottom
Im in need of a healing
And I know who to follow
There's a light at the end of the tunnel
Yes I see it and its closer than I think
Just think before you told me smile its gone get better
I had wrote this letter
It said sorry to all who loved me sorry I didn’t speak
Sorry I let them beat the hope and spirit outta me
Im leaving it behind yes this is all on me
The pain on the outside can’t trump the pain that’s raging within me
Going on to a better place where this pain cannot dwell
And to all that cause me pain I hope u have a slow painful fall to hell.
I sat with a sadden look on my face
My eyes began to tear
Cause in that one moment I knew why she came here
Because I wasn’t selfish and lent her a smile and some words a grin
She didn’t take her life
She didn’t go through with that sin.
I’ve came to realize my life is not too bad
Cause if she woulda took the fall
And gave up on her faith
With all that pain and strife
I never would have experienced having this “Precious” moment
Maybe help saving her life.
“Life is Precious don’t be selfish”
~Lykebudda©2010~ all rights reserved


Reggie said…
This was a tremendous book......and a pretty damned good poem too.

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